Custom Outdoor Signage for Business

    Custom Outdoor Signage for Business

    Are you looking for effective ways to get ahead of your competition in Brampton? Outdoor business signs let you showcase your brand’s personality while advertising your products and services.

    Here at Signs Depot, we specialize in a wide range of signs for your business. Our signs are made with high-quality materials to withstand inclement weather conditions. Enjoy the benefits of your signage for years with high-quality, durable outdoor signs in Brampton!

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    Building Signs

    Building Signs Are An Effective Way To Make Your Business Stand Out In Brampton. These Signs Can Be Found Outside Your Business Space. They Help Display Important Information, Promote Products And Services, And Reinforce Your Brand


    Channel Letters Are Three-Dimensional Signs That Are Popularly Used For Buildings And Storefronts. They Consist Of Individually Made Letters Or Characters, Put Together To Create A Sign. These Signs Often Come Illuminated, With Various Light Options Available.



    Dimensional Letters Are Versatile, Customizable, And Durable Sign Options. Brampton Business Owners Often Choose These For A Variety Of Uses. These Three-Dimensional Signs Can Be Used Both Indoors And Outdoors.


    Hanging Signs Are Indoor And Outdoor Signs That Are Typically Hung From The Ceiling Or A Mounting Structure. The Many Uses Of Hanging Signs Make Them A Practical Sign Option. These Include:


    These Are Outdoor Freestanding Signs, Mounted On The Ground At The Direct Eye Level Of Anyone Passing By. The Size And Strength Of Monument Signs In Brampton Say A Lot About Your Business. It Shows You Are Committed To Longevity And Being A Familiar Brand In Your Community.


    These Are Towering, Freestanding Outdoor Signs. They Are Supported By Single Or Double Poles, With Signboards That Display Your Advertisements On One Or Two Sides. The Size And Location Of These Signs Make Them Ideal For Getting Noticed In Brampton.


    Attract Interested Buyers, Sellers, And Renters - Imagine Having Someone In The Market Pass By A Property That’s For Sale Without Any Realtor Signs. Chances Are That Person Will Move On To The Next Available Property. Never Miss Out On These Opportunities When You Have The Right Signs.


    Storefront Signs Are A Great Way To Stand Out From Your Competition. These Can Be Any Type Of Sign That Lets You Promote Your Business Using Your Storefront Space. They Let You Establish Your Business And Represent Your Brand In Brampton.


    Custom Yard Signs Are Outdoor Signs That Are Placed Strategically On Yards And Lawns. A Lot Of People Go The DIY Route When Creating Birthday Yard Signs, Graduation Yard Signs, Or Signs For Garage Sales.


    Here at Signs Depot, we are committed to delivering the best options for your customers. Along with this is making sure we work within your business and budget needs. Our rates typically vary depending on:

    • The type of sign
    • Materials used
    • Sign size
    • The complexity of the design
    • Light options
    • Installation

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    Looking for an experienced signage supplier in Brampton? Signs Depot offers a wide variety of products and services. Our team has been creating signage for many years. This allows us to deliver effective sign solutions that generate results.

    We understand the impact of having the right signs for your business. As such, we make sure to work closely with our clients at each step of the sign-making process. This allows us to deliver signs that work well not just for your business, but also for your target audience. Our goal is to create signs that make your business stand out.

    What makes our company different is our commitment to excellence and quality. We are an outdoor sign company in Brampton that always aims not just to meet but also to exceed your expectations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Outdoor signage consists of signs placed on the exterior of your business for advertising purposes. These signs might display the company name, products, or other advertisements that promote your business. Outdoor signage is important as it allows you to reach customers whether they are seeking out the business or simply passing by.

    There are many kinds of outdoor signs, but the most common types are:

    • Pylon signs
    • Channel letters
    • Blade signs
    • A-frame signs
    • Post and panel signs

    Digital displays and graphic signs are both used for marketing and product display. There are many other types of outdoor signs, all of which you can browse on our website.

    Outdoor signs can be extremely durable, in even the harshest weather conditions. When constructed out of quality materials, and with proper installation and placement, outdoor signs can be immovable and able to tolerate any outdoor setting.

    The cost of creating and implementing an outdoor sign varies based on the type of sign chosen, the size of the sign, and the sign’s contents. Prices can range from $5000 to $100,000. Our team can help you choose the best sign size and placement for your business and budget.

    The ideal areas to place outdoor signs to best advertise your company are along the highway where they will attract passersby’s attention, or in front of your business to present the company’s name clearly and professionally.

    Outdoor signage is very important because it draws more traffic to your company and can introduce your business to a larger group of customers. By using outdoor signage, you are guaranteeing more attention for the products and services you offer. Outdoor signage advertising the company name acts as a doorway to the company itself, welcoming customers to your business in a professional manner.

    The life expectancy of outdoor signs varies based on the type of sign used, but plastic signs that are most common for businesses last around 5 to 7 years before needing to be refurbished.

    If you are looking for an outdoor sign company in Brampton, you have found the right place! Signs Depot is filled with skilled employees who have experience in creating and installing outdoor signs at the best price possible. Contact us today and let’s start designing the best outdoor signage for your business!