Custom Indoor Signs


    When we think about signage, often our first thought goes to the signs outside our business. However, every business in Brampton needs multiple types of signs. While outdoor signs are important, indoor signs are equally necessary for the success of your business.

    Interior signs reinforce the image created by the signs outside your space. It’s the best opportunity to build brand awareness and increase brand recognition and recall. Create a positive customer experience and make a lasting impression on your customers with impressive custom interior signs.




    Acrylic Signs Are Made Using Durable, Transparent Polymer Materials. When Turned Into Plastic Sheets, These Can Mimic Glass Signs. They’re The Perfect Alternative To Glass, But Without The Risks. Acrylic Signs Are Lightweight And Not Sensitive To Breakage.


    Door Signs Are One Of The Most Crucial Among The Many Office Signs You Need. These Signs Help Create A More Efficient Workflow. They Serve As A Guide For Employees Or Customers To Find The People Or Offices They’re Looking For.



    If You're Curious About What Floor Decals And Graphics Can Do To Amplify Your Business And Drive Revenue, Read On Below To Discover Three Uses Of Floor Decals That Make Them A Fantastic Investment For Any Business In Brampton, ON.


    Lobby Signs Are The Focal Point Of Your Lobby Area. These Are Signs That Greet Visitors And Customers, Showing How Professional Your Company Is.


    There Are Several Types Of Signs, And It's Not Uncommon For Businesses To Use All Of Them. Some Of These Include: 


    Window Graphics And Window Decals Take Advantage Of Valuable Marketing Real Estate For Your Business: Your Windows. Through Vinyl Adhesives, You Can Add Designs And Important Information To Your Windows.


    To get the best signs, it’s important to work with an experienced interior sign maker in Brampton. They have the right skills that can provide effective solutions for your business.

    In Brampton, business owners continue to choose Signs Depot for their signage needs. We are a full-service sign company that can deliver a wide variety of sign options. Whether you need simple window films to large format wall graphics, our team can help.

    We are committed to providing not just high-quality products but also excellent services. Our goal is to go beyond your expectations, helping your business succeed.

    Need more information about sign options, cost of interior signs, and more? Contact us today at (647) 763-9173 for a free consultation.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Interior signage consists of any sign that is placed in a business. This can range from lobby signs to entire systems of environmental branding for a modern office space.

    There are many reasons why interior signage is essential within a building.

    • Welcome and inform:Interior signage can be used to welcome visitors to the building and tell them a little about the company they are about to interact with. Some companies use interior signage to share company values and culture.
    • Improve interior style: Interior signs can be used to take up otherwise bland walls. They can be used to add decorative value to any plain walls.
    • Direction:Many businesses welcome guests and visitors for the first time on a daily basis. You can use interior signs to direct your guests around your facility.
    • Health and safety awareness:Interior signage can inform visitors and viewers about a building’s health and safety protocols. For example, interior signage can direct people to sanitize or wash their hands.

    There are many types of interior signage available. Here are some popular options:

    • Wayfinding signs can help people find their way around
    • Lobby signs can be used for many purposes
    • Banners and posters are helpful when trying to pass on information
    • Digital displays are useful for displaying videos
    • Wall and floor graphics can be used to add aesthetic interest

    Interior signage can be designed using metal, glass, fabric, vinyl, foam core, acrylic, or corrugated plastic. Some people may even opt for wood, photo paper, or digital screens.

    Making an interior sign can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the number of signs ordered and the manufacturing process for the chosen material.

    When choosing an outdoor interior signage company, you should look for experienced staff and a price range that fits your budget. It is also important to ensure that the interior signage company can cater to all your specific needs, including the requested material, color, and size of the sign.


    Generally, interior signs are long-lasting because they are sheltered from harsh outdoor elements. The durability depends on the material chosen for the interior sign.


    A good interior sign design should be legible, installed at the correct height, and feature the appropriate content. Interior signage should not be overcomplicated, as simplicity is the key to effective communication.


    Costs for interior signage in Brampton can vary depending on factors like size, materials used, and installation process. We offer free quotes so you can get a realistic idea of the cost of your project.


    Interior displays can help a space feel more comfortable and welcoming for guests. They can also reduce the workload by delegating, informing, and educating guests about interior signage.