Custom Acrylic Signs for Offices


    Acrylic signs are made using durable, transparent polymer materials. When turned into plastic sheets, these can mimic glass signs. They’re the perfect alternative to glass, but without the risks. Acrylic signs are lightweight and not sensitive to breakage.

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    The versatility of acrylic wall signs makes them perfect for a variety of uses. Here are some of them.


    Acrylic signs are great for branding your Brampton business. They are fully customizable. This lets you create designs that feature your business name, logo, and other branding details.


    These signs are ideal for displaying wayfinding information. Wayfinding signs help customers find their way around, especially in unfamiliar areas.



    Plexiglass signs can be used to showcase your various products and services. These can be mounted on the wall, much like a menu board.


    Identifying rooms and different areas of your establishment is made easy with custom acrylic signs. These make each customer visit more efficient and convenient.



    Acrylic sign printing in Brampton, ON is a worthwhile investment. There are plenty of options that can help your business in more ways than one. Here are our top picks:



    These are the most popularly used type of acrylic signs. They have crystal-clear transparency, creating a chic and modern look. Clear acrylic can be designed in two ways:

    • Standard Surface – with the print in front of the acrylic, creating a matte finish
    • Second Surface – with the design mirror-printed on the back, creating a glossy finish


    Frosted acrylic is the option when you want to add privacy to your space. This has a blurred effect, limiting the view of your interiors. They can be used for room partitions, clinic windows, and more.



    This type of frosted wall sign has a milky white translucent finish. It diffuses light that comes through uniquely and attractively. They are perfect for adding signs that enhance your business space in Brampton.


    Any type of signage is a significant business investment. As such, it’s important to choose ones that will be worth your advertising budget. Here at Signs Depot, we make sure to provide the best options, from design to materials and more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Acrylic signs are crafted from a cast polymer, a type of plastic. Although they look almost transparent, acrylic signs can be coloured or colourless. Sleek and elegant, acrylic signs are often used to give a professional impression. They are popular because they are durable and can be customized for a client’s preferences and brand.

    Acrylic is one of the best materials for signs for many reasons. The material is lightweight yet durable, water-resistant, and can easily be illuminated for nighttime viewing. Acrylic signs are easy to install and can be customized to look exactly how a customer desires. Beyond all the practical benefits, acrylic signs also look nicer than other materials, with a high-quality finish.

    Yes, acrylic signs are waterproof and can withstand high-temperature variances. Although they require regular maintenance to preserve their appearance, these signs can withstand snow or rainstorms, high heat and noontime sunlight, and high winds. They are perfect for outdoor use.

    Regardless of the size, acrylic signs are quite durable due to the character of the cast polymer that they are made out of. Acrylic is basically shatterproof and is very strong. Also, it will not discolor or weather, even in extreme weather conditions. Finally, these signs are moisture-resistant, which means mold-resistant, too!

    Since each acrylic sign from Signs Depot is custom-made, your acrylic sign cost depends on its shape and size. The complexity of the sign design and its illumination can also affect the cost. The friendly sales team at Signs Depot can work with your budget and ideas to create a custom quote for your signage.


    With the right care, an acrylic sign can last for many years. It’s a tough and durable material, and although it may look like glass, it’s actually quite rigid. Although the lifespan of your particular sign will depend on its use and care, most of our customers can expect their acrylic signs to last at least five years.

    Yes! Acrylic’s durable nature and ease of installation make it a great material for outdoor signage. Acrylic is versatile, and you may often see it used for dimensional letters on a storefront, for an entrance sign, or as an illuminated sign, so it’s visible to customers at night.


    No, even if you install your acrylic sign outdoors, it will not turn yellow. Some types of plastics may yellow or fade when exposed to bright light or UV radiation from the sun, but not acrylic. The cast polymer composition is very durable and color-safe.


    Acrylic signs typically range in thickness from 1/16 of an inch to more than an inch thick, depending on where you wish the sign installed, its purpose, and its design. Because the signs from Signs Depot are custom for each client, the answer to the question may be acrylic signs can be as thick as you need them to be!


    A lovely, sturdy acrylic storefront sign is the perfect way to greet your customers and provide a first impression for your business and brand. You can get a custom storefront sign in Brampton from Signs Depot, a custom sign fabricator. Contact us today and start putting your dreams to reality.